Vacation Home Property Management Services

Our business model at 30a Ocean Blue is simple.  We represent properties we own and manage.  We can represent a quality that is consistent and as expected.

As our reputation for solid rental operations is known and we are known as a boutique management company.  We are approached by people that have the same desire for their home - the finest quality that the home can represent for the finest value for the guests.

We also carry a few properties for the best private rental managers that we know who maintain operations and properties in same way as our own.  

As residents in the area, should an issue arise, we make sure we can properly accommodate the homes we own and manage to a very narrow geography around Seaside where we live.  We expect the same of those we also have on this site as the best of the private rental managers.

Our cleaning staff has worked with us for more than 10 years consistently and they to have pride of ownership.  We compensate our staff a living wage because they are great people that do great work for us.   

Your expectation is simple.  High Quality.

If you are interested in seeing if your home can be listed with us on this site, see our contact page.