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Seaside Homes

Seaside remains the destination of choice for families with children of ALL ages. Come enjoy our three offerings in Seaside. Two premier properties include Life In Shorts!! available for a short time this spring before its rebuild remains 300 feet to the beach and right in the heart of the genesis of Seaside. By The Beach House is Coming Soon and is available for inquiries for Spring Break and Beyond! It is a Brand new construction luxury! Seaside 2 Bedroom 2.5 Bath 800 sq ft cottage.

Old Seagrove

Vacation in our Flagship Old Seagrove Luxury Homes near Seaside and be a short walk to the beach with assured public beach access. Old Seagrove properties are located typically WEST of Hwy. 395 but also include homes on Holly, Azalea, Gardenia and Camellia.

Seagrove Beach

Our offerings identified as Seagrove Beach are located near and along 30a between Headland St and the fork in the road where 30a turns largely north and Eastern Lake Rd. continues straight. These homes and condos are located an easy bike ride into the Seaside area for entertainment and are affordable options.

Coming Soon - Seaside

We are now beginning to work on the renewal of Life In Shorts. While still available until the end of July, we will be donating the home to The Seaside Institute for their new offices. New construction will begin soon and in March of 2020 it will too be available.

Watercolor Homes

Watercolor Homes Available for your vacation time with family.